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During the dolphin watching tour at Kalpitiya Image
Sunrise dolphin watching experience and Bar Reef snorkelling – Kalpitiya
- Kalpitiya | - Whale and dolphin watching | - 3 - 4 hours
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Kalpitiya is a peninsula - located in the district of Puttalam - looking like a tentacle that reaches out into the Indian Ocean. With the Puttalam Bay on its eastern shore and about 170 kilometres and north west of Colombo, there are 14 islands in Kalpitiya and stretches of beach that seem to go on forever. In recent times, the area has been recognised as an excellent site for seeing large pods of Spinner Dolphins and Sperm Whales, while catching sight of a Blue Whale is a precious bonus. The long snouted and playful dolphins and get their name from the spins that they have become famous for performing while leaping out of the water. Their repertoire of tricks also includes tail or head slaps, flips, and salmon jumps. Apart from the Spinner Dolphin, the Humpback and Bottlenose, also haunt the coast of Kalpitiya. The Humpback species has a noticeable hump on its back and is often seen close to the shore while the Bottlenose dolphin is known for its unmistakable snout. The Bottlenose tends to use high-pitched squeaks to communicate. Risso’s dolphins can also be spotted in these waters and are prominent for their characteristically square heads and their long dorsal fins. While being able to grow up to 4 metres, these dolphins often have scars on their bodies from their playful fighting. November to March/April is considered the ideal time to catch sight of these amazing creatures, as they leave colder waters during the winter season.
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