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Jaffna Cycle Tour
- Jaffna | - Cycling tours | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 21]
Ride through a culturally abundant land with open roads, large temples, and fascinating religious rituals specific to the North. Discover a region which was once infamous for devastating wars since medieval times. Spend a day exploring Jaffna, covering religious and cultural attractions, including Nallur Temple, St. James’ Church, St. Mary’s Cathedral, a Buddhist Dagoba, the statue of the last king of Jaffna Kingdom, and monuments of the last palace. Cycle through Jaffna City, experiencing a living heritage such as the Fort, the infamous Library, Subramaniam Park, and the 19th century ‘Old Park’. Meet the locals from the coastal villages for an interactively rich and authentic cultural experience. Each attraction will be explained in depth to guests, covering mythology and historical importance. Ample time will be granted for photography, or simply to take in the view. Enjoy different stops for refreshments and snacks, which includes the original Rio Ice Cream Parlour which stood the test of time and war.
  Starting From 42.00 USD
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Jaffna City Tour
- Jaffna | - City tours | - 4 - 5 hours
[SID: 21]
Sri Lanka Day Tours gives you the opportunity to explore the capital of Jaffna with a dynamic guide from the area, who will lead you to the most beautiful wonders of Jaffna. Ride a tuk-tuk around some streets of Jaffna and experience different aspects of the city. Discover some of Jaffna's most interesting religious and cultural attractions, including Nallur Kovil, Kadurugoda Viharaya, and the ancient wonders of the Jaffna museum. Learn about Sri Lanka's history at the war memorials and the Jaffna Public Library that used to be one of the biggest libraries in Asia before the civil war. Taste local delicacies and stop for an ice cream at the famous Rio Ice Cream Bar. Take the liberty to be adventurous with street food and cuisine as well: authentic Jaffna experience with mostly vegetarian dishes prepared with aromatic spices can only be found in this part of Sri Lanka. Meet and interact with the local people of Jaffna Visit the Dutch Fort and take in breathtaking panoramic views. Excellent photography opportunities This is an excellent community-based tour, so in turn you contribute to the wellbeing of the local community.
  Starting From 20.00 USD