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Sea giants - the whales Image
Bespoke whale watching private cruise to encounter finned giants – Mirissa
- Mirissa | - Whale and dolphin watching | - 5 - 6 hours
[SID: 4]
The waters off Mirissa in the southern coast of Sri Lanka are home to some of the largest whale and dolphin colonies in the world. World’s best: As per the research, the deep south of Sri Lanka (off Mirissa) is one of the world's best locations (amongst the top two or three) for watching Blue Whales and Sperm Whales, two of the most sought after marine mammals. In fact, for seeing both Sperm and Blue Whales together, it may even turn out to be the best location in the world.
  Starting From 50.00 USD
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Private deep sea fishing expedition – Bentota
- Bentota | - Deep sea fishing | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 7]
The Indian Ocean off the coast of Bentota – Sri Lanka, offers some of the richest sources of deep sea fish in the world. Our deep sea fishing tours takes you to the heart of the warm, nutrient rich waters, which contain a wide range of game fish. The tour is suited to experienced anglers as well as first-timers, and makes for an unforgettable adventure.
  Starting From 60.00 USD
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Private deep sea fishing voyage – Hikkaduwa
- Hikkaduwa | - Deep sea fishing | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 8]
Hikkaduwa has some of the most diverse species of deep sea fish in the world and this tour takes you into the heart of it all. The tour is suited for both experienced anglers as well as first-timers, and makes for an unforgettable fishing expedition.
  Starting From 95.00 USD
Deep sea fishing - Mirissa Image
Try your luck at big game fishing in Mirissa
- Mirissa | - Deep sea fishing | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 9]
Mirissa is considered as one of the best location to go deep sea game fishing on Sri Lanka's southern coast. We would have an added advantage of spotting whales – mainly Blue Whales and Sperm Whales. This is a wonderful, 3-4 hour deep sea and fishing tour. As you go deeper towards the shelf, Sail fish.
  Starting From 74.00 USD
snorkeling at Hikkaduwa national park Image
Snorkel in tropical waters overwhelmed with reef fish – Hikkaduwa
- Hikkaduwa | - snorkeling and scuba diving | - 1-2 hours
[SID: 8]
We offer you an exclusive snorkelling day tour designed to give you the best possible sub aqua experience. The package provides all essential equipment as well as trained and experienced UDI and PADI instructors. The best time for snorkelling is between 9 a.m. and 11a.m. when the sun is directly above and visibility is at its peak. In 1940, the islets of Hikkaduwa were declared sanctuaries and were limited to their land boundaries. In 1998, it was upgraded to the status of a nature reserve and later to a national park. The famous “coral gardens” of Hikkaduwa are a major attraction for tourists who want to dive in and get close to the stunning marine life while glass bottom boats are also available for those who prefer to stay dry.
  Starting From 15.00 USD
during the boat safari Image
Dreamy boat safari through sun-kissed mangrove forests – Madu River
- Balapitiya | - safari | - 2 1/2 hours
[SID: 13]
It's a fascinating activity for those who love bird watching. This safari is very famous and popular among nature lovers. Experience an open-air fish massage and this is an enriching experience of cultural and historical value.
  Starting From 5.00 USD
During the cycling tour Image
Countryside cycling expedition and southern street food – Galle
- Galle | - Cycling tours | - 4 - 5 hours
[SID: 16]
  Starting From 40.00 USD
bird watching at kalametiya Image
Birding in the island’s oldest and greatest bird sanctuary – Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
- kalametiya | - Bird watching tours | - 2 hours
[SID: 18]
Kalametiya sanctuary is located in the Hambantota District and is considered a dry zone. First established in 1938, it is the island’s oldest bird sanctuary and occupies a beautiful area between two salt water lagoons, bordering a mangrove swamp and open plains. Lagoons, mangroves and scrublands are the main habitat types found in this sanctuary. The lagoons play a key role by supporting breeding colonies of pelicans, herons, egrets and open-billed stork and large wintering populations of migratory ducks and shorebirds. Kalametiya is one of Sri Lanka’s most secluded nature reserves but it is one of the most richly endowed bird habitats in the country. This sanctuary is home to several species of birds including: Black-capped Purple Kingfisher, Indian Reef Heron, Jungle Fowls and Glossy Ibis. Several species of mammals, reptiles and insects have also made their home in the Kalametiya bird sanctuary.
  Starting From 14.00 USD
During the Galle city tour Image
Galle Fort Tour
- Galle | - City tours | - 2 - 3 hours
[SID: 26]
Sri Lanka Day Tours gives you the opportunity to explore the “Ramparts of Galle”, the legendary Galle Fort, with a very interesting and resourceful character as your host Admire the beauty of the colonial architecture and get a taste of the colonial history of the fort Listen to the interesting back stories about Galle Fort Amazing panoramic views on the top of walls, including an amazing sundowner on the fort You are free to experience the Sri Lankan street food as well Excellent photo opportunities Exciting encounters with members of the local community Opportunity to get an additional trip into the home of a typical middleclass Sri Lankan family for a Sri Lankan lunch/dinner experience No tips and no tickets – what you pay is what it takes
  Starting From 75.00 USD
puppet museum experience   Image
Puppeteers of Lanka
- Balapitiya | - Experiences | - 1 hour
[SID: 32]
It is the only traditional Puppet Museum in Sri Lanka that was opened on 21st March 2017, on World Puppet Day. This Puppet Conservation Centre is an effort to preserve Puppetry and rebuild the puppet industry in Sri Lanka. A great opportunity to obtain information on String Puppet Art in Sri Lanka and examine the production process of a string puppet. The only place in Sri Lanka to enjoy live puppet shows, at a museum.
  Starting From 7.00 USD
koggala lake tour Image
Koggala Lake Tour
- Koggala | - Experiences | - 3 hours
[SID: 16]
Experience a magical boat ride in the picturesque waters of the Koggala Lake All required safety gear is provided for the guests to have a safe but adventurous nature tour on the lake boundary This tour combines 5 unique experiences. Enjoy a walk around the Koggala Lake, a visit to an ancient Buddhist temple, explore the mysterious Madolduwa, join the bird watching experience, observe the making of the world renowned Ceylon Cinnamon and end it off with a delicious local lunch at Cinnamon Island. Led by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide Enjoy a traditional village lunch at Cinnamon Island This is an enriching experience of cultural and historical value Good photo opportunities
  Starting From 54.00 USD