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rafting on the powerful rapids Image
Take on powerful rapids with the greatest white water rafting challenge – Kithulgala
- Kitulgala | - White Water Rafting | - 1-2 hours
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With over 100 rivers across the island, Sri Lanka boasts rich water resources that flow at all kinds of rates. Over the past two decades, a relatively new extreme sport has been gaining popularity with locals as well as visitors from other nations: Sri Lanka white water rafting has become the no. 1 extreme sport in the country. Sri Lanka’s central region is mountainous and has a lot of rivers. When water flows at speed through rough terrain, it becomes bubbly, and we call this white water. Rafting in Sri Lanka through these turbulent waters, you will feel a sense of adventure like never before. White water rafting in Sri Lanka is popular because of several reasons. The less turbulent areas of the ride may be a great time to see wildlife, especially birds of many varieties and several species of monkey. The calmness does not last too long, though, as the main event – the rapids – come at you and toss and turn you with all its might. When white water rafting, you lose control of everything, and your body takes over to try to survive the experience. The sudden adrenaline rush you get when this happens is second to none. Sri Lanka Day Tours offers Sri Lankan white water experiences with a difference. Your tour may include activities such as a nature trail or some fun activities added. Safety equipment and training is provided at the beginning of each tour and you will be accompanied by an instructor/guide throughout.
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local community engaged in crafts Image
Discover the hidden treasure of Sri Lanka; The Holy City of Kandy
- Kandy | - kandy traditional experience | - 4 - 5 hours
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Improve your knowledge about a distinct art and the long history of traditional local industries. Experience in watching how different arts and crafts are made - brassware, coconut shell crafts, patchworks (needle crafts), batik, etc. This is an excellent community-based tour led by an experienced guide. So in turn, you contribute to the wellbeing of the local community.
  Starting From 16.00 USD
captured during bird watching tour at udawatta kele Image
The Forbidden Forest trek and birdwatching trail – Udawattakele
- Kandy | - Bird watching tours | - 2 - 3 hours
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Udawatte Kele is the only forest reserve in the Kandy city limits and is a great addition to your list of things to do in Kandy. It was once known as Uda Wasala Watta meaning the garden above the royal palace and is of significant cultural and historic value and this breathtaking forest is a hotspot for bird enthusiasts.
  Starting From 12.00 USD
trekking in Hanthana Image
The birdwatcher's quest through Hanthana Mountain Range – Kandy
- Kandy | - trekking | - 5 - 6 hours
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It’s a great addition to your “things to do in Kandy” list. It's a true experience of the natural beauty of the hill country and it’s an ideal trail to go bird watching. Fantastic, moderate treks which burn the extra calories gained during the holiday.
  Starting From 15.00 USD
Makandawa rain forest Image
The village crossing and forest hike to old waterfalls – Makandawa Rainforest
- Kitulgala | - trekking | - 4 - 5 hours
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The Makandawa Forest reserve is one of the oldest forest reserves in the country and is a significant protected area that is a birdwatcher’s paradise. With over 192 hectares of land, it is home to some of the most exotic and endangered wildlife including a dazzling array of endemic, migratory and resident birds. The Makandawa Forest was declared as a forest reserve way back in 1903 and has been an important location for birders, nature photographers as well as wildlife academics, with the reserve being one of the best places in the country to observe and study a host of different creatures. Bird watching is very rewarding in Makandawa as you will get a chance to see plenty of rare species including the Black Eagle, the Trogon, Sri Lanka Orange-billed babbler, Chestnut backed Owlet, the Blue Magpie and the Red-faced Malkoha. The forest reserve is also habitat to several species of mammals, insects, and amphibians; making your trek at Makandawa a complete wildlife experience truly worth venturing upon.
  Starting From 17.00 USD
Nine arch bridge Image
Iconic Ella Tour
- Ella | - trekking | - 9 - 10 hours
[SID: 11]
Ella is a small town in the Badulla District of Uva Province, It is approximately 200 kilometres (120 miles) east of Colombo. The richly biodiverse Ella has impressive varieties of flora and fauna. Ella is surrounded by hills covered with cloud forests and tea plantations. Ella Rock is a famous cliff, located high above Ella, roughly a two hour’s strenuous trek from the town. The rock offers stunning views across the hill country and the plains below. The Nine Arches Bridge which is also called The Bridge in the Sky. The bridge exemplifies one of Sri Lanka’s colonial-era railway construction works. Little Adam’s Peak is the closest and easiest hike in Ella. It is 1141 metres in distance and from the entrance it takes up to 30 to 45 minutes for the hike. Views from the summit are panoramic and spectacular.
  Starting From 65.00 USD
during the cycling tour Image
Half day extreme tea country cycling quest – Dikoya
- Dickoya | - Cycling tours | - 5 - 6 hours
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Enjoy a ride amid the stunning sceneries, through tea plantations and small towns. Discover the gorgeous viewpoints and panoramic landscapes over the mountains. Visit a hill country tea estate – Norton Bridge Reservoir – and Hindu temples.
  Starting From 42.00 USD
During the cycling tour Image
Half day urban cycling experience in the mountains – Kandy
- Kandy | - Cycling tours | - 5 - 6 hours
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Sri Lanka Day Tours gives you an opportunity to explore Kandy City differently; on a bicycle. Discover the ‘inner network’ of the city and acquire more knowledge about the history of Kandy. Visit the Gannoruwa agro farm, spread over 80 hectares, where the guests are offered a chance to have a look at the local industries ranging from high-tech agriculture farms to spice gardens and so on. The Captain Dawson Tower located at the heart of Kadugannawa city is another important place to visit. An experienced and knowledgeable cycle guide will facilitate the encounters with the Kandyan people, who are known for their warm hospitality.
  Starting From 40.00 USD
During the cycling tour Image
Mountain metropolis cycling excursion and historical tour – Kandy
- Kandy | - Cycling tours | - 6 -8 hours
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Kandy has much more to offer beyond the Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Peradeniya Gardens. Sri Lanka Day Tours’ full-day suburban cycling tour of Kandy’s suburbs is the perfect experience for those seeking a total experience, covering the historical and the traditional industrial landscape of Kandy and its outskirts. The Gannoruwa agro farm, spread over 80 hectares, where the guests are offered a chance to have a look at the local industries ranging from the high-tech agriculture farms to spice gardens and so on. 14th century temples in the Pilimathalawa area, the Gadaladeniya Temple, the Embekka Devalaya, famous for its intricate wood carvings, and the Lankathilaka Temple – all with aesthetic, cultural and religious importance. Nathadevala, the oldest existing structure in Kandy, dedicated to the god Natha is also visited on the tour. Visit a tea factory, where you will be able to learn about the history of how Sri Lanka came to be famous for producing the best tea in the world.
  Starting From 46.00 USD
during the ride Image
Rural outback cycling challenge: dry zone forest road – Kalthota
- kaltota | - Cycling tours | - 5 - 6 hours
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A ride to 50m from 1200m passing breathtaking diverse scenery, different vegetation types and many different communities. Close interaction with the local community. There are few better ways to truly experience the essence of Sri Lanka's rural culture and its untouched natural beauty than on a bicycle. Get up close and personal with some of the island's rural folk and experience what life is like in a traditional Sri Lankan village.Some of the tour highlights – Samanalawewa reservoir and dam, Kuragala view point, beautiful Kalthota Pass with many hairpin bends, Doowili Ella Waterfall, Kalthota irrigational canal, and the Elephant Corridors of Udawalawe National Park.
  Starting From 34.00 USD
Zip line experience Image
48 hours of life-changing adventure in the mountains – Belihuloya Adventure Camp
- Belihuloya | - Canoeing | - 2 days
[SID: 28]
Belihuloya is situated upcountry at an altitude of 616 metres with a non-humid, excellent climatic condition all year round and is one of the best places to enjoy the outdoors and its natural environment. The location is very well positioned on your way to the coast from Nuwara Eliya/Ella or on your way to the hill country, on the A4 main road. The trekking trail takes you through wilderness and also to a village known to have been engaged in the steel industry between 161 and 137 BC – probably one of the first in the world. Opportunity besides trekking, to canoe and bike - the choice is yours to make. An opportunity to see and observe several types of beautiful birds and butterflies along with the local agricultural and farming systems. You will trek through a village that is known to have been engaged in the steel industry between 161 and 137 BC – probably the first in the world. Gain some fascinating insights into village lifestyles. You will be accompanied by a well-experienced adventure guide. Opportunity to extend accommodation or to customise the programme with many other activities in Belihuloya, such as: canoeing, birding and zip line.
  Starting From 63.00 USD
spiritual and village tourism experience Image
Umandawa spiritual & village tourism
- Kurunegala | - Experiences | - 12 hours
[SID: 33]
It is a unique experience that gives you an opportunity to get rid of worldly life for a moment and explore life with spiritual understanding, connecting to the core philosophy of Buddhism. This experience is ideal for individuals who seek teachings and practices to develop inner peace and mental calmness based on the teachings of Buddhism Umandawa is an excellent place located in Kurunegala district, that focuses on the connection of life and environment and is surrounded by lush vegetation and majestic mountain ranges. We have designed this programme focused on mediation sessions, dharma discussions, meditative walks through the gardens and mountains, boat rides, and space to be by yourself with mindfulness. Parts of Umandawa have been transformed into lucrative organic farms, producing diverse varieties of vegetables and fruits. Vegetarian meals and beverages will be served from in-house organic supplies and local herbs.
  Starting From 58.00 USD
Oriental bay owl Image
Night Walk - Makandawa Rain Forest
- Kitulgala | - Nature trails | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 5]
It is a fascinating activity for those who love bird watching. People often spot birds at an impressive frequency and at times, unbelievable proximities. Opportunity to see four types of owls in Sri Lanka. An experienced naturalist accompanying you makes the Night Walk even more special and inspiring. A real experience amidst untouched natural beauty. It’s the perfect destination for endemic bird watching. You will able to see four types of owls Serendib Scops Owl Oriental Bay Owl Sri Lankan Bay Owl Sri Lankan Frogmouth
  Starting From 23.00 USD
Village walk in Naranpanawa Image
Village Walk in Naranpanawa and River Bath
- Kandy | - Nature trails | - 3 hours
[SID: 35]
During this walk you will see authentic sights of a village untouched by mass tourism growth Opportunity to interact with the Sri Lankan village community Great opportunity for families and individuals who love swimming in a river Enjoy a traditional local lunch and a dessert in a village home During the walk you will see many bathing buffaloes This is an excellent community-based tour led by an experienced guide
  Starting From 27.00 USD
village tour in Mediwaka Image
Authentic Village Tour to Mediwaka
- Kandy | - Nature trails | - 7 hours
[SID: 35]
This is an amazing place to enjoy nature, culture and adventure You will be able to be part of a unique experience You will able to learn the fascinating techniques that farmers use during cultivation Kids can play with the village kids and learn different traditions in their homes. Sri Lankan villages are filled with happiness, community work and ingenuity. Witness true hospitality in this Sri Lankan village.
  Starting From 31.00 USD
Kayaking at kelani river Image
Solo kayaking adventure across Kelani River – Kitulgala
- Kitulgala | - Canoeing | - 1-2 hours
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The first step of kayaking in Sri-Lanka also known as the best place to get the first- hand experience at Beginner level of Kayaking. If you wish to proceed, begin now. Grade 1 &2 play wave for exciting experience and learn the fundamentals. Countryside with mountain terrains and jungle. Descending through breath taking scenery. The first step for Kayakers, a giant step for Kayaking adventures in Kithulgala With enough experience you can join intermediate and Advance stages for intense kayaking experience in Kithulgala.
  Starting From 22.00 USD
waterfall abseiling Image
Kitulgala: An Adventurer’s Dream
- Kitulgala | - Adventure activities | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 5]
Discover the crystal-clear waters of Sandun Ella Waterfall, surrounded by breath-taking views over the hill country You will be safe. Our dedicated guides are professionals who pay detailed attention to customer safety and use high-quality equipment that meets international standards Get a thrilling rush of adrenaline at the sight of the roaring waterfall that stumbles through its rocky gorge You don’t need to be able to swim or any previous experience abseiling. We’ll provide you with all the safety instructions you will need Have a chance to go for many other exciting activities we offer in Kitulgala, such as canyoning, white water rafting and walks around the rainforest, caves and rubber plantations
  Starting From 66.00 USD