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Sail and fish with the Captain of the Pearl – Trincomalee
- Trincomalee | - Deep sea fishing | - 4 - 5 hours
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Located on the eastern coastline of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is one of the most perfect locations for anglers to test their abilities as this beautiful location offers some of the most plentiful fishing grounds in the country. Species like Grouper, Snapper Emperor and Bonefish are some of the highlights found close to the coastline while Indian mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Seer fish, Kingfish, Barracuda, Barramundi, Jackfish, Trevally and Tuna are found a small distance away from the shore. Sailfish, Swordfish, Marlin and Shark are found even further away.
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Snorkel with sharks and turtles on Pigeon Island – Trincomalee
- Trincomalee | - snorkeling and scuba diving
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Pigeon Island, a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers, is a national marine park and the second marine sanctuary in Sri Lanka and is situated off Nilaveli beach in the Indian Ocean, approximately two kilometres away from the shore. It is considered to be one of the most iconic and important tourist attractions along the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. It was first declared a sanctuary in 1963 and upgraded to a national marine park under in 2003 The park consists of two islands and is the only national park in the country to harbour a colony of the beautiful blue rock pigeons and contains some of the best remaining coral reefs in the country. There are around 100 types of coral reefs and 178 species of fish on this island. This is where many an observer would find both the juvenile and adult Black Tip Reef Shark as well as a variety of turtles such as the Hawksbill, the Green Turtle and the Olive Ridley Historically, the British army used this island as a place for shooting practice during the world war The Pigeon Island National Marine Park consists of around five hectares of land area and about 1000 metres radius into the sea with the coral reef as the national park boundary (471.429 hectares). In 2002, the island was opened for tourism and is visited by large groups of local and foreign visitors If you can climb up the rock of the island through the nature trail, you would see the real owners of the island – the rock pigeons. Some time you can capture the wonderful view of a bunch of small fish moving around the island. You can also enjoy having a sea bath. Do not forget to wear footwear as the sharp edges of the dead corals may hurt your legs
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Immersive dolphin and whale watching mission on a secret boat – Trincomalee ( Exclusive tour)
- Trincomalee | - Whale and dolphin watching | - 4 - 5 hours
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After whale-watching tours in Mirissa suddenly rose in popularity, Trincomalee, on the eastern coast of the island, has also rapidly emerged as an internationally-significant whale-watching destination. Blue whales (plus smaller numbers of sperm whales) can regularly be spotted around 6-8 nautical miles east of Trincomalee (about half an hour by boat). These magnificent beasts can even be spotted from the shore on occasion – with Swami Rock offering the best vantage point. Dolphins are also regularly seen with the Spinner Dolphins being the most frequently spotted while most sightings occur between March/April and August/September. Whales continue their migrations around the island from the south coast (where they mainly congregate from December to April) which means that whale watching is an excursion which is available in Sri Lanka for around ten months of the year at different points around the coastline. Sri Lanka is enjoys a very unique positioning as its continental shelf sits very close to the shore in three areas around the island which means that the sea drops to depths of close to 1000m just a short distance away from the shore. This provides the perfect habitat for whales that look for deep waters but benefit from the nutrients found closer to the shore. Even though the exact population numbers of whales around Sri Lanka is unknown, the chances of spotting them during the season is as high as 90%, making it one of the best locations in the world for whale watching. Sri Lanka is also situated within the International Whaling Commission’s protected zone while Trincomalee is commonly regarded as the best place for this seasonal activity in the country
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Surfing in Arugam Bay
- Arugambay | - Sea Based Experiences | - 1-2 hours
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We have special surf areas for beginners so you can have fun and practice safely You will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide Surfing is a truly unique experience and is a must-do activity in Arugam Bay
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