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getting ready to fly Image
Sunrise hot air balloon journey and champagne breakfast – Kandalama
- Kandalama | - Hot air ballooning | - 1-2 hours
[SID: 15]
Exciting adventure not to be missed. Especially if you are in the right location (Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka) at the right time (April to November). One of the reasons hot air ballooning Sri Lanka is so unique is the aerial view you get of the surrounding area. You are able to have different views every time you fly. The beauty of the sunrise landscape you see from a hot air balloon is something you can’t see any other way.
  Starting From 218.00 USD
During the cycling tour Image
5th century rock fortress shadow cycling – Sigiriya
- sigiriya | - Cycling tours | - 4 - 5 hours
[SID: 10]
Sri Lanka Day Tours' cycling tour of Sigiriya takes you on a journey into the areas surrounding the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. It offers you an alternative activity to be engaged in during your time in Sigiriya. Acquire more knowledge about daily routines of the villagers and interact with them directly. Visit the Stupa believed to mark the spot where King Kashyapa, creator of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was cremated. Visit the less frequented but equally important Pidurangala Rock.
  Starting From 40.00 USD
Spend the day with an elephant experience  Image
Spend A Day With An Elephant
- habarana | - Experiences | - 3 - 4 hours
[SID: 14]
This is an unforgettable experience with plenty of one-on-one time with what has to be one of the most incredible creatures to inhabit Sri Lanka’s shores. We, as a responsible tour company, have completely stopped promoting elephant back rides. We do not even promote the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. This activity is designed to give an opportunity for an elephant enthusiast to get close to an already domesticated elephant and nurture it whilst learning about the elephant behavior in a domesticated setting. There are close to 300 domesticated elephants in the country and there is strong lobbying from temples to get more from places like the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Though capturing wild elephants to domesticate them is not happening in Sri Lanka right now, conservationists strongly believe that even orphan elephants should not be domesticated. However, questions remain on how to cater to someone who loves elephants and wants to have an interaction with them in a responsible manner. We at SLDT have designed this programme to fill this gap and what we have created is an “Elephant Spa”. You will be working in the spa to give these elephants a few hours of pampering, whereas otherwise they will be working and taking tourists on their backs, logging or parading in a procession.
  Starting From 58.00 USD
pottery experience Image
Pottery Industry Experience
- habarana | - Experiences | - 2 - 3 hours
[SID: 14]
Enjoy a Cycle Tour to the village and back. A well experienced guide will accompany you. Experience the traditional methods of Pottery by a village of dedicated potters. Witness a myriad of creations evolve from experienced hands; generations of dedicated artisans. Taste a cup of coffee or herbal drink offered by the villagers. Try your hand at pottery and make your own souvenir to take home. This is an excellent community-based tour led by an experienced guide. In turn, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of the local community.
  Starting From 19.00 USD