Coastal Ride in Negombo [4 - 5 hours]

Ideal route for riders to gain authentic experiences and interaction with the local community. Unique ride along the western coast of the country. Tour offers an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the local fishing folk and their fishing activities which comes with song and noise. Experience the traditional coconut toddy industry of Sri Lanka, by stopping at the “wadiya” (Toddy tappers temporary house). Ride under the shade of coconut palms and learn more about this amazing tree and the many riches of this tree. You will be accompanied by team members specially trained to deliver timely and professional services to guests.

You will meet: Dileep [SID: 31]
Availability: Throughout the year
Approximate cycling distance: 30 km
Grading: Soft/moderate cycling on gravel and tarmac roads
Please note: This tour is not recommended for children under the age of 12 years
Well maintained and excellent grade bikes
Secure quality helmets
English speaking bike guides
Standby support vehicle
Spare parts and spare bikes
Unlimited water and beverages
Cut fruits and snacks
Local family visits and experiences
First aid box and tool box
Any extra beverages, food and snacks consumed (over and above what is provided on the tour)
Entrance fees to tour sites guests wish to visit outside the itinerary tour
Optional activity costs
Any personal effects not mentioned in the “Included in the Price” description
Any tips for the staff

Tour In Brief

Nainamadama, the beautiful fishing village north of Negombo, is our starting point.

We ride along the coastal road which features a totally flat terrain that lends to a very enjoyable riding stretch, passing many morning fishing activities such as: fisherfolk noisily advertising their catch of the day; others sorting their nets and locals eagerly shopping around for fresh fish and engaging in attempts to bargain their buy.

Should the team spot any fisherfolk in the midst of pulling in their big fishing nets to the beach to the rhythm of song and shouts, we could also stop our bikes to join in and help them a bit - which is always appreciated by the fishing community.

Coconut toddy is another highlight of this bike ride. We will stop at a “wadiya”, (toddy tapper’s temporary house) and learn about the toddy tapping industry - if lucky, we maybe even able to sample some fresh toddy too. As we whiz through the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka, you will feel surrounded constantly by coconut palms today. Your bike guide will elaborate on the many uses and benefits of coconut, as well as the many ways in which the byproducts of coconut are productively utilised.

Enjoy seasonal cut fruits and other beverages, as we continue our cycle tour to Walahapitiya, a small village in the north western province of the island, which will conclude the coastal ride in Negombo.